Nashville SUP Proshop

Who we are...

April 2012

Sitting outside having breakfast in a lovely beach town on a beautiful morning when a truck pulls in with great marketing graphics. We quickly realized what was catching our attention was an image of a man standing on a surf board with a long paddle in his hands. Little did we know, at that moment, this truck would start a countless series of events that would bring an entirely new passion and direction to our lives.

August 2012

A few short months later Paddle Up opened in a small office at Rock Harbor Marine renting Stand Up Paddle Boards and beginning our research and testing the market for the opportunity to share our passion with this great new sport to as many people, families and friends as possible.

April 2013

We opened our newly renovated Pro-Shop and launch area at Rock Harbor Marine making us the first and only SUP shop located on the water in Middle Tennessee

Brands We Carry